Hi! I'm Tina. 

I'm a Product Designer at Envoy. Before that, I studied Economics and Psychology at UC Berkeley.

I'm passionate about behavior-centered design that is sensitive to quirks that make us human. I'm particularly fascinated by anticipatory design.I aspire to craft thoughtful solutions to people's problems that also inject joy into their lives. 

I got into design at age 6 when I redesigned outfits for the protagonists in Sailor Moon. Since then, I found an all-consuming love of all things visual. 

An interest in behavioral economics and human irrationality opened my eyes to how good design and information architecture could help take care of people and impact at scale. The marriage of behavioral economics with my love of the visual gave rise to a passion for product design. I hope to create considerate, empathetic products that have the user’s best interests at heart and cut through cognitive clutter to build products that move individuals closer to their goals. 

Outside of design, I spend a lot of time illustrating, reading, and lurking on food blogs (Lady and Pups is my current favorite). I enjoy reading fashion show reviews and sometimes moonlight as a fashion designer. I'm currently very invested in flower arranging videos and the Freakonomics Podcast.


💬 Say hi! I'm always happy to chat.

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