Cal Day 2017

Visual design, illustration
Spring 2017

We in the Marketing Team in Innovative Design pride ourselves in creating fresh takes on fun traditions passed down through the club. One tradition, our Cal Day campaign, is always especially fun. In the past, we've designed pins, stickers, and buttons to pass out to prospective students and their families to spread a little bit of joy and Cal spirit. This year, we produced post cards featuring iconic buildings and landmarks on campus that we tiled together.

Though our initial concept was to develop a fully fledged map of Cal, it quickly became apparent that most buildings would be too small to be adequately represented. We instead pursued the tiled design above to showcase the illustrative skills of the members of the Marketing Team while still celebrating the diverse architecture on campus. 

For the postcards, I made vectorized versions on Doe Memorial Library, Jacobs Hall for Design Innovation, Hearst Mining Building, and Stanley Hall.