Graphic design, marketing design, illustration



Holiday Cards

I designed some fun Valentine's and Halloween cards that were passed out to students as part of InnoD's holiday campaigns.

C Poster-epdet-02.png

CMYK 2016 Poster

(C)ome (M)ake (Y)our Mar(K), known as CMYK, is Innovative Design's beloved annual designathon that brings together students of all majors and skill levels in an exciting day-long competition to create cool things in teams. I designed one poster (M) of a set of four to decorate the space while also providing motivation to teams. It was so fun that I went ahead with K and C as well.

flyer -12.png

Spring 2017 Recruitment Flier

A flier for our recruitment campaign, Build Your Nest. I co-designed this with my team members.


Fall 2016 Recruitment Flier

A flier I designed for our recruitment campaign, Explore New Dimensions. I created the front and co-designed the back. 


Logo Illustrations

Illustrated variations of the Innovative Design logo (a la Google) for our ever-changing Facebook profile.




Happy Hour

A poster I designed as a present for a friend who got her bartending license.



For the 8 people who are always willing to get dimsum with me, to the stacks and stacks of baskets we order.

mkt-portraits-303pm border final.png

Spring 2017 Marketing Team 

A poster I designed with my co-lead, David, for our wonderful Marketing Team in Innovative Design.


Sushi Buttons

Just for fun. Lovingly dedicated to a friend who loves sushi as much as I do.



Happy Fruit

Fruit illustrations for fun, inspired by Oh Wow! Studios.


Architecture Illustrations

Experimenting with different styles for practice and for fun.

notre dame-01.png

100 Days of Design

I love to open up illustrator and play with different illustration styles when I'm in need of inspiration or escape from school. I took on the 100 days of design with my friends Kevin, Victoria, and Linda. Follow our progress at @kvltklassic, or see some of my personal picks below.