Tai Pei Foods

Visual design, illustration
imagiCal (American Advertising Federation at UC Berkeley), Spring 2016


ImagiCal is UC Berkeley's marketing case competition team. The team creates a strategic advertising/marketing/media campaign for a corporate client as part of the annual National Student Advertising Competition.  Our client was Ajinomoto Windsor and this year's goal was to increase brand awareness and sales among the millennial market for one of their product lines, Tai Pei Frozen Foods.

I produced the campaign Plans Book in a team of 5. As the Production team's visual designer, I developed a graphics style guide and created the graphics and illustrations featured in the book. I also defined a visual guide for the Plans Book and laid out pages with my team.




Our marketing campaign's theme and central tagline is "Ready for You," where Tai Pei instant meals are positioned as both a catalyst and companion for ambitious, adventure-seeking millennials. The overall sentiment of the campaign was to inspire adventure, promote cherishing large and small opportunities, and encourage the pursuit of a more exciting life.

I sought to create illustrations that could capture the essence of our various executions and allow readers to comprehend our executions without having to read through the entire text copy. I aimed to bring form to campaign execution ideas, pique visual interest, but not overpower the copy. My goal was to create a youthful, friendly, energetic, and vibrant visual style to convey our creative messaging and appeal to the younger target demographic. I wanted to convey "fun" but also represent our campaign ideas explicitly.


Initial Sketches

Ahead of sketching, I read through the copy of our campaign executions and talked to different teams to clarify ambiguities and better understand the vision and intent of the executions. I made a quick tally of  I put some ideas to paper in my dot notebook.


Final Work

To convey youthfulness, energy and fun, I employed a cuter, more rounded illustration style featuring vibrant colors and outlines inspired by the packaging of Tai Pei products. I used primarily flat colors for a more minimal style, but I applied some highlights and shadows to break up large swaths of color. Below are some of the illustrations I did



imagical illustrations-02.png
imagical illustrations-04.png
imagical illustrations website-05.png

Creative & PR Executions

Campaign executions on Shazam, Snapchat, and Soundcloud.

imagical illustrations website-06.png










imagical illustrations website-24.png
imagical illustrations website-27.png